Sunday, 13 October 2013

We need help for those 2 angels to goes to their care place in Germany :)))

Before 1 month an old woman call us and ask if we could take her 2 cats because she have healthy problems and it was difficult for her to take care of them.
We take the 2 cats,their names are zenia and Sprouky and they allready find a care place to Germany by Corinna Gonzalez Moraleja.
We need help to trevel the 2 cats to Germany,so if someone have a flight from Greece Thesaloniki(Makedonia airport) to Stuttgart,Karlsruhe/Baden-airport or Frankfurt,and want to help the 2 angels to goes to their care place can send us a email to

Saturday, 12 October 2013

From a.m.o.s shelter

These are some of our dogs that need urgent a home!!

Ronie,Roulis,Savas (3 brothers for adoption!!)

Ronie,Roulis and Savas they came to us before 3 years when they was puppies.They came from Alexandroupoli a city 5-6 hours away from us.A woman find them and ask from us if we could help.The 3 puppies they was in a very bad situation,very thin and sick.
Now they are really beautifull boys and they are looking for a foster or forever home!

When they came in our shelter...

About Ronie,

He is 3 years old,male,medium size(about 25 kilos),and neutering.
He lives all his life in the shelter,and must to learn many thinks..But he is a clever dog and he learn fast.
He dont have expirince with cats and childrens.With other dogs he is kind (males and females).

About Roulis,

He is 3 years old,male,medium size(about 30 kilos) and neutering.
He have a lovely character,he is nice with other dogs,with childrens and cats he dont have much expirience but he looks to not have a problem.With people he is social and kind.

About Savas,

Savas he is 3 years old,male,a big size dog(about 55 kilos) and neutering.
He is very kind with people and with cats.He dont have expirience with childrens and he must to learn many thinks because he grow up in the shelter also.He is nice with other dogs.

Wish for our 3 boys to have luck and find finaly their own family :)))))

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

From a.m.o.s shelter

These are some of our dogs that need urgent a home!!

Loukas (for adoption!!)

We found Loukas when he was a small puppy almost 1 month with 2 more male puppies(Maksa and Makis) in a place near of the river.This is a place that usually the people throught the animals that they dont want anymore..We are not sure if the 3 puppies are brothers but they was in the same spot all together with not a mom arround..
Loukas its a male medium size dog(about 15 kilos),neutering and almost 3 years old.
He is a funny dog who likes to play all the time!He is nice with other dogs,males and females.He is also very nice with cats and play with them.
The strange think with Loukas is that when he meet new people at the shelter he afrait a little bit to go closer to them.But when Loukas he goes in our house he is social with everybody!
We thing that his friend Ramone that they stay together in the same cage is responsible for Loukas behaviour,because Ramone afrait strange people very very much.
Loukas in our house he had a perfect behaviour.For 2 days that we had him he was very gendle very kind with our son and very clean without to make any damages.
He always want to play with everything and we believe that the best for him is a family with many childrens to make many activities with him :)
He must to learn many thinks because all his life was in the shelter,but he is clever and always wants to learn.
Loukas is a lovely dog with a perfect character and the people who will decide to adopt him they will be really happy and lucky!!

From a.m.o.s shelter 

These are some of our dogs that need urgent a home!!

Ramsis (for adoption),

We found him in the street in the area that we live.We decide to take him to the shelter because it was sure that the people arround they will poison him as they did with the most strays in our location...
Its a male medioum size dog,neutering and his age is about 6 years old.
He is very gendle with female dogs and very kind with puppies.With some male dogs is dominant.
He is social with people but he can be a good guardian because he likes to protect his area and the people who loves.
He dont have expirience with childrens,but when he saw our son (3 years old)he was nice with him.
He dont have expirience with cats also,but with our cats he looks to be calm and he is not interested about them.
We believe that the best for him is a family with not small childrens and not to be much active.Also the best for him is the family to have a female dog :)
Ramsis waiting about 4-5 years in our shelter for someone to adopt him...Give to this angel a chance to show you how beautifull dog he is!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Rocky-Boris Find a Foster Home In Germany!!! <3 <3 <3

We found Boris before 2 months in a terrible place...Somebody throught him inside in a hole(4 metres deep) together with an adult dog,because the 2 dogs had skin problem(scabies).
The 2 dogs was inside this hole for 4 days!maybe more...without water and food!!
We call the firemans to help the 2 dogs,to take them out!Unfortunatly the adult dog(that he was into a sack!) escaped when the firemans open the sack and we never find him :(
But the puppy Rocky-Boris he come with us in the shelter he take medications and became a beautifull dog!
Now he is in a foster home in Germany and needs a forever home!
We would like to thanks  Judith Andrea Lechner for her donation to take Rocky the right medications and for the puppy food vacinations warm pills and all the necessary thinks that Rocky needs!
Also we would like to thanks  Heike Rothermund from Tierhilfe pro hund aktiv e.V that she found for him a perfect foster home!
And  Claudia Hachaj  a big THANK YOU that you foster this sweet angel!!!

Boris,his new name is Rocky now, had a happy end <3 <3 <3 In the photo he is with his new family!!!!

In the same place we find also 3 small kittens without their mom in a bad situation!Unfortunatly only the one of them survive...Her name is Nelly-Bella and she is looking for a home!!Foster or Forever home <3

Saturday, 20 July 2013

From A.M.O.S shelter...

These are two angels that they need urgently a foster home or somebody to adopt them!!!
Before 2 years we gave for adoption Beba and Bruno to a man in Greece...Before some days we had a call from this man,and told us that he couldnt keep them anymore because he didnt had money!
The 2 dogs come back to the shelter and its really difficult for them to get used this new invoiroment...They are small size dogs and its really easy to live with them inside the house!
Bruno(the black-brown poodle) he is 7-8 years old,he is neutering and its more emergency for him to find a nice home to adopt him and finaly to have a normal life!Bruno he had owners and they leave him to the road...then we found him and take him to the shelter,then we give him for adoption and now he is again in the shelter...This baby needs a home for the rest of his life to be finaly calm and safe!
He is nice with other dogs with cats with people and with childrens!
Beba(white Mischling spitz)she is about 3 years old she is neutering,she is friendly with dogs cats people and childrens.
Please give them the chance to live in a house and NOT spent the winter to the shelter!!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We are Anna and Stelios,

a couple from Greece, who tries to rescue stray animals who suffer so much in our country.
We have built up a shelter for 15 years now and have rescued many dogs and cats, which many of whom found a beautiful home.
But it is not only cats and dogs we help; in the future we cared for sheep, goats and different birds. There are 35 dogs and 26 cats living in our shelter at the moment.
At the same time we try to make the situation in our shelter better as to build new kennels or try to make the kennels cleaner and safer for the dogs. And we put up a big cat compound to enable our cats more mobility.

So far, we have given all our adoption dogs to Germany because we like the way ,people there treat and love their pets. But all animal-loving persons from other countries are more than welcome to give our pets a loving home!
Another important issue is neutering!
In our area, we have made cooperation with the mayor for the first neutering programme in Thesalia and especially in Tirnavos. We have neutered many dogs and cats and we hope to neuter many many more in the future.

We need YOUR help to keep up with all the things, we have reached so far!
Our PayPal account is - thank you so much for your help!

Another possibility to help would be a food donation. We are happy about any dry food! 
Please contact Judith Lechner ( for further information. She will send 1-2 parcels with food and medication every week.
In this blog, we will keep you updated.

Kind regards,
Anna and Stelios