Sunday, 13 October 2013

We need help for those 2 angels to goes to their care place in Germany :)))

Before 1 month an old woman call us and ask if we could take her 2 cats because she have healthy problems and it was difficult for her to take care of them.
We take the 2 cats,their names are zenia and Sprouky and they allready find a care place to Germany by Corinna Gonzalez Moraleja.
We need help to trevel the 2 cats to Germany,so if someone have a flight from Greece Thesaloniki(Makedonia airport) to Stuttgart,Karlsruhe/Baden-airport or Frankfurt,and want to help the 2 angels to goes to their care place can send us a email to

Saturday, 12 October 2013

From a.m.o.s shelter

These are some of our dogs that need urgent a home!!

Ronie,Roulis,Savas (3 brothers for adoption!!)

Ronie,Roulis and Savas they came to us before 3 years when they was puppies.They came from Alexandroupoli a city 5-6 hours away from us.A woman find them and ask from us if we could help.The 3 puppies they was in a very bad situation,very thin and sick.
Now they are really beautifull boys and they are looking for a foster or forever home!

When they came in our shelter...

About Ronie,

He is 3 years old,male,medium size(about 25 kilos),and neutering.
He lives all his life in the shelter,and must to learn many thinks..But he is a clever dog and he learn fast.
He dont have expirince with cats and childrens.With other dogs he is kind (males and females).

About Roulis,

He is 3 years old,male,medium size(about 30 kilos) and neutering.
He have a lovely character,he is nice with other dogs,with childrens and cats he dont have much expirience but he looks to not have a problem.With people he is social and kind.

About Savas,

Savas he is 3 years old,male,a big size dog(about 55 kilos) and neutering.
He is very kind with people and with cats.He dont have expirience with childrens and he must to learn many thinks because he grow up in the shelter also.He is nice with other dogs.

Wish for our 3 boys to have luck and find finaly their own family :)))))