Friday, 2 August 2013

Rocky-Boris Find a Foster Home In Germany!!! <3 <3 <3

We found Boris before 2 months in a terrible place...Somebody throught him inside in a hole(4 metres deep) together with an adult dog,because the 2 dogs had skin problem(scabies).
The 2 dogs was inside this hole for 4 days!maybe more...without water and food!!
We call the firemans to help the 2 dogs,to take them out!Unfortunatly the adult dog(that he was into a sack!) escaped when the firemans open the sack and we never find him :(
But the puppy Rocky-Boris he come with us in the shelter he take medications and became a beautifull dog!
Now he is in a foster home in Germany and needs a forever home!
We would like to thanks  Judith Andrea Lechner for her donation to take Rocky the right medications and for the puppy food vacinations warm pills and all the necessary thinks that Rocky needs!
Also we would like to thanks  Heike Rothermund from Tierhilfe pro hund aktiv e.V that she found for him a perfect foster home!
And  Claudia Hachaj  a big THANK YOU that you foster this sweet angel!!!

Boris,his new name is Rocky now, had a happy end <3 <3 <3 In the photo he is with his new family!!!!

In the same place we find also 3 small kittens without their mom in a bad situation!Unfortunatly only the one of them survive...Her name is Nelly-Bella and she is looking for a home!!Foster or Forever home <3