Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We are Anna and Stelios,

a couple from Greece, who tries to rescue stray animals who suffer so much in our country.
We have built up a shelter for 15 years now and have rescued many dogs and cats, which many of whom found a beautiful home.
But it is not only cats and dogs we help; in the future we cared for sheep, goats and different birds. There are 35 dogs and 26 cats living in our shelter at the moment.
At the same time we try to make the situation in our shelter better as to build new kennels or try to make the kennels cleaner and safer for the dogs. And we put up a big cat compound to enable our cats more mobility.

So far, we have given all our adoption dogs to Germany because we like the way ,people there treat and love their pets. But all animal-loving persons from other countries are more than welcome to give our pets a loving home!
Another important issue is neutering!
In our area, we have made cooperation with the mayor for the first neutering programme in Thesalia and especially in Tirnavos. We have neutered many dogs and cats and we hope to neuter many many more in the future.

We need YOUR help to keep up with all the things, we have reached so far!
Our PayPal account is - thank you so much for your help!

Another possibility to help would be a food donation. We are happy about any dry food! 
Please contact Judith Lechner ( for further information. She will send 1-2 parcels with food and medication every week.
In this blog, we will keep you updated.

Kind regards,
Anna and Stelios

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