Tuesday, 24 September 2013

From a.m.o.s shelter

These are some of our dogs that need urgent a home!!

Loukas (for adoption!!)

We found Loukas when he was a small puppy almost 1 month with 2 more male puppies(Maksa and Makis) in a place near of the river.This is a place that usually the people throught the animals that they dont want anymore..We are not sure if the 3 puppies are brothers but they was in the same spot all together with not a mom arround..
Loukas its a male medium size dog(about 15 kilos),neutering and almost 3 years old.
He is a funny dog who likes to play all the time!He is nice with other dogs,males and females.He is also very nice with cats and play with them.
The strange think with Loukas is that when he meet new people at the shelter he afrait a little bit to go closer to them.But when Loukas he goes in our house he is social with everybody!
We thing that his friend Ramone that they stay together in the same cage is responsible for Loukas behaviour,because Ramone afrait strange people very very much.
Loukas in our house he had a perfect behaviour.For 2 days that we had him he was very gendle very kind with our son and very clean without to make any damages.
He always want to play with everything and we believe that the best for him is a family with many childrens to make many activities with him :)
He must to learn many thinks because all his life was in the shelter,but he is clever and always wants to learn.
Loukas is a lovely dog with a perfect character and the people who will decide to adopt him they will be really happy and lucky!!

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