Saturday, 20 July 2013

From A.M.O.S shelter...

These are two angels that they need urgently a foster home or somebody to adopt them!!!
Before 2 years we gave for adoption Beba and Bruno to a man in Greece...Before some days we had a call from this man,and told us that he couldnt keep them anymore because he didnt had money!
The 2 dogs come back to the shelter and its really difficult for them to get used this new invoiroment...They are small size dogs and its really easy to live with them inside the house!
Bruno(the black-brown poodle) he is 7-8 years old,he is neutering and its more emergency for him to find a nice home to adopt him and finaly to have a normal life!Bruno he had owners and they leave him to the road...then we found him and take him to the shelter,then we give him for adoption and now he is again in the shelter...This baby needs a home for the rest of his life to be finaly calm and safe!
He is nice with other dogs with cats with people and with childrens!
Beba(white Mischling spitz)she is about 3 years old she is neutering,she is friendly with dogs cats people and childrens.
Please give them the chance to live in a house and NOT spent the winter to the shelter!!!

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